Around the world: costs, planning, lifelong dream

No matter when you intend to conquer the world in boundless freedom: a world tour wants to be well and carefully planned. Above all, the cost of such a trip should be calculated clearly so that the dream trip does not end even before they start.

How much is a trip around the world?

 How much is a trip around the world?

It is not easy to make concrete statements about the cost of a trip around the world. After all, every world traveler plans his own itinerary. Everyone has different demands on comfort and equipment, has different ideas about travel destinations and destinations. However, there are some factors that affect the cost of each trip around the world.

  • Duration of the world tour
    A world tour usually takes more than a quarter of a year. However, with each additional week and every month thereafter, the running costs increase. After all, regardless of the sights, you need to find accommodation and eat locally.
  • whereabouts
    It makes a big difference in the calculation of costs, in which countries your world trip brings. For example, a trip around the world through Asia and South America can be significantly cheaper than a trip around the world through the USA via Australia and Russia. But of course this information is only vague. For example, the cost of living in Argentina is much higher than in Peru, and in Chile you have to pay more for your accommodation than in Venezuela. A hotel night in Hong Kong will probably cost you as much as ten nights in the countryside in Vietnam. So take into account exactly where you want to stop when planning the cost of your trip around the world.
  • activities
    If you are on a trip around the world and depend on the beach for three weeks at each station, you will need less money than an active trip around the world. If you want to see something, you usually have to include additional funds for entries to cultural sites or for separate tours, for example in the jungle. A trip with more activities does not necessarily have to be more expensive. You can then save elsewhere at the property, for example.
  • accommodation
    Whoever travels the world as a backpacker, will pay less than someone who only descends in hotels.
  • means of transport
    Do you rent a car on site or do you use local public transport? Are you traveling by plane, train or boat? By choosing your means of transport, you can greatly influence the total cost of your trip around the world.

Calculate world travel costs

 Calculate world travel costs

A trip around the world usually consists of three major costs. As a rule, the total cost is composed of one-quarter of travel costs, half of the local cost of living and another quarter of the cost of preparation.

Long-haul transport

  • Air Travel: The fastest means of transportation is usually the plane. It is ideal for traveling long distances. Often, however, domestic flights can be significantly cheaper than buses or trains.
  • Ship: With a cruise ship you usually choose the most expensive means of transportation. However, there is sometimes also the possibility to use ferries for the crossing. For the crossing of oceans, some freight ships offer cheap ride-in cabins.
  • Train: Traveling by train can be very relaxing. In many countries of the world, the railway is also much cheaper than in this country.

Mode of Transport


Use public transport such as buses or trains for journeys within individual countries. Often you can travel with it very cheap. In many countries in Asia and South America, there is the option of using more comfortable buses for an affordable surcharge.

If you want to book rental cars, you can often do that locally cheapest. Be sure to pay attention to possible safety standards.


Cost of living on the spot

If you are traveling around the world, move your center of life to other countries. There you need food and a roof over your head. For eating and sleeping you therefore have to spend a large part of your living expenses. However, these costs are much lower in many countries than in Germany.

  • Food: Who organizes his trip around the world, has to take care of his food every day. If you cook in your own accommodation, you can save a lot. Keep in mind that in many countries, if possible, you should drink only packaged water, which can increase daily costs.
  • Accommodation: Think carefully about the comfort you desire. Depending on the travel destination, the night can consume a large part of the cost of living.



Take advantage of possible offers in private accommodation. If you want to stay in hotels, you can often get the weekend at cheaper rates in big cities because then business people are not on site. It is best to check regularly before your next stage if there are cheap offers. Sometimes it may be worth booking well in advance for discounts. For hotel accommodation, it may be useful to book the breakfast. This will save you extra money when looking for a breakfast bar.


  • Entrance fees: Every visit to the museum or a visit to a place of worship costs money. Plan these costs in advance and check the prices on the internet.
  • Visa: Keep in mind that you have to pay for visas in many countries around the world. However, these are usually not that high

travel preparation

For travel preparation, you will need more than 20 percent of your total travel money. The advantage, however, is that you no longer need to budget for these costs for the trip itself.

  • Equipment: Here it depends on what you want to do on your trip around the world. You may need hiking boots, special clothing or sports equipment.



Equipment can often be rented on site. If you want to go kayaking or surfing, for example, there are always suitable and affordable rental options available at each location.


  • Passport: Before you travel, make sure that your passport is still valid. Also think about passport photos.

Apply for a passport early!


Plan that creating a passport takes several weeks. If you need your passport very quickly, you can apply for express delivery at many offices. Then you will receive your passport for an additional charge of approximately 35 euros within a few working days.


  • International health insurance : It is essential to ensure adequate insurance coverage for your trip. Take advantage of the counseling options of the individual insurance companies.

international health insurance


Before applying, make an insurance comparison and look for the best provider.


  • Vaccinations: Vaccination is required for many countries around the world. Highly recommended for all travelers vaccinations against rabies and hepatitis A / B anyway. Sometimes, further vaccinations, for example against yellow fever, are added.

travel vaccinations


Many health insurance companies cover the costs for travel vaccinations. It is best to inquire beforehand whether a reimbursement of costs is also possible for you.


  • International driver’s license: An international driver’s license is important for renting vehicles abroad. You can apply for this from the competent authority in your municipality or city.

Financial cushion for the return

Who goes on a trip around the world for several months, usually renounces possible income during this time. Many world travelers rent their apartment or dissolve their household before. But regardless of how you plan your trip around the world, you should definitely invest a financial cushion for the return.

It helps you to bridge the time you need to return to everyday life. During the long journey, you have had many impressions, have experienced new things that need to be sorted out later.

As a rule, therefore, after a trip around the world people first need “holidays from the journey”. In order for you to be financially secure during this time, there should be a financial cushion. This is also important, for example, when you need to look for a job or move into a new apartment.

What are the options?

 What are the options?

Who wants to make a trip around the world, has different options in the choice of means of transport. For example, air travelers can use cheap Round The World tickets. In addition, however, a world trip in the form of a cruise is possible. Those who want to put together their itineraries individually organize crossings and routes themselves.

Round-the-world ticket

The Round The World Ticket or Around The World Ticket is a ticket offered by travel agents in cooperation with various airlines. Each traveler chooses a bundle of different flights based on continents, cities or regions.

It should be noted here that the flights have to be carried out within a certain period of time and in a certain order. In addition, only certain flights can be used. The ATW ticket can be booked for both the economy class and the business class.

The cost of such a ticket start at about 1,500 euros, can be up to 4,000 euros for more complex route plans. Who uses the ATW ticket, has the advantage that he can book relatively flexible flights, without paying attention to the current fare. Because the travel costs were already paid with the main ticket.

A disadvantage of the ticket is that the travelers are bound to the given travel direction. Deviations from the route are only possible for a surcharge or not at all. In return, the costs are easier to calculate with an Around The World ticket.

For example, anyone traveling on a journey around the world does not have to worry about the cost of bridging long distances and has a kind of “framework” for their entire travel planning with the given route.

Cruise ship

A cruise is probably the most luxurious option to start a world tour. The prices for such a trip range from a few thousand euros for short trips to five-digit euros. The cost of such a cruise world trip depends very much on what kind of cabin is booked and what kind of catering.

The big advantage of a cruise around the world with the cruise ship is that usually all costs for food and accommodation are paid. The travelers do not have to worry about the daily food or the further supply.

The disadvantage is probably the cruising speed with the ship and the bondage to the offers on the cruiser. The costs can thus increase significantly if additional trips are booked on shore excursions.

Organize world trip yourself

Anyone who organizes their world tour completely by themselves, has the opportunity to select each individual travel component itself. This starts with the choice of the itinerary and extends all the way to the choice of means of transport.

For example, while relying on the big airlines for the ATW ticket, you can take advantage of low-cost airline deals on a self-organized world tour. Plan your itinerary with a bit more flexibility, and you can also use cheap offers in between.

The same applies to the accommodation. You have it all in your own hands, which accommodation you choose and can already inform yourself before departure online about everything and compare prices.

Further advantages of the self-organized world trip:

  • You can cut costs.
  • The itinerary can be individually adapted and changed during the journey.
  • You are not tied to any tour operator or airline.
  • Prolonging or shortening the journey is possible at any time without major financial loss.

Finance the world tour

 Finance the world tour

A trip around the world generally costs more than € 5,000, regardless of destination and the choice of travel agent. This sum could, for example, be financed by a € 5,000 loan. However, this sum is only a possible lower limit. Upwards the scope is open.

Basically, it is recommended to save the cost of the trip around the world. For example, it is possible to spread the purchase of equipment over several months, so as not to suddenly be confronted with high total costs.

In addition, you must remember that you also have to pay off the credit for the trip around the world. The repayment phase usually overlaps with your trip. Thus, you must ensure the scheduled repayment during this time and have sufficient capital available.

Compare loans

For the world tour is a conventional consumer credit. The loan amount will be transferred to your account. You can then use it to plan and calculate. Be sure to run a loan comparison before applying for a loan.

With a loan amount of more than € 5,000, interest rate differentials or different maturities can clearly be felt in the total credit costs.

Guarantee credit rates


Make absolutely sure before you travel that you can also serve the loan rates regularly. In this way, you will experience no nasty surprises while you are on a world tour.


Your cheapest online loan!

Your cheapest online loan!Your cheapest online loan!

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saving tips

 saving tips

If you are on a world tour, you can save a lot of money during this time. This list shows you where there is potential for savings, among other things:

  • Sublet or move apartment
    If you are on a world tour, you do not need your apartment. Take care, for example, of a subtenant who bears the rental costs during your trip. If you intend to move out anyway, you can cancel your apartment before you travel.
  • Log out or sell your car
    Similar to the apartment is that you do not need the car during your trip. You have the option to deregister the vehicle for the duration of the trip, if you want to use it again afterwards. You can also sell it. In both cases you save both car tax and car insurance. With the insurance you only save if you cancel on time.
  • Cancel subscriptions
    For your trip around the world they do not need the subscription for the gym, as well as a newspaper subscription. Check which subscriptions can be canceled and send your terminations in a timely manner.
  • Unnecessary insurance terminate
    Check your insurance cover before your trip around the world. Some insurance companies may then prove unnecessary. For example, when you give up your home, you do not need home insurance.
  • Borrow equipment / equipment
    Before your trip around the world, ask if your friends can rent a camera, tent or sleeping bag. In this way you save yourself the money for the purchase. You can bring a nice souvenir for the loan in return.
  • Store furniture
    If you do not want to sell the furniture of your home, you can use the option in most cities and store it with a professional supplier.
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