…but I’m learning to bellydance. They’re offering free classes at the rec center on campus, and I went with my friend Shay earlier tonight. It kicked my ass, but it was a lot of fun. Classes weren’t bad at all. I’ve got a homophobic idiot frat boy behind me in US History, and unfortunately, he doesn’t get The Snark. It just wasn’t fun to fuck with his head because I could hear my voice echoing inside of it.

I finished The Year 1000 between classes today, and that is a really fascinating book. I got my copy as a gift from the owner of a store I used to work at in Germany, and she got it in England, so I’m assuming you can get it there, but I’m not sure about the states. That was an extremely long and ponderous sentence. I’m really tired. The book had a lot of interesting information about religion, the economy, criminal justice, and psychedelic medicinal remedies in Anglo-Saxon England.

Back to bellydancing. I thought I had rhythm. Apparently, I was mistaken. I absolutely cannot get my hips to do a circle-and-POP thing while I shimmy my shoulders and wiggle my arms. I looked like a Slinky on crack. But it really was fun, even though I felt like a goof. I’m assuming that with time, I’ll get better at it and won’t look quite so gawky and awkward.

Moving along, the RNC’s going on. I want to watch some of the speeches just to see what kind of bullshit they’re spouting off, but I don’t know if my delicate stomach can handle it (or if my extreme dislike for stupid people can be suppressed). I want to know what they’re saying, but god, I hate having to listen to it. I keep hoping for an election day miracle. I want to turn on my TV and see that Dennis Kucinich has secured a surprise victory from write-ins. I want to start my own country and have Dennis Kucinich be my president. We’ll all eat organic food and legalize marijuana (not that I’d smoke it) and… stuff. So tired.

I’ve been sick with a cold lately, and while the head cold stuff’s mostly gone, I’ve got this bitch of a cough. I’m worried that it’s bronchitis. I don’t want to go to the doctor, though, partly because I’m fucking broke and partly because I hate antibiotics. They mess up my birth control and they make me sick to my stomach. Don’t wanna take ‘em. I figure I’ll just try a faith healing, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll rip my lungs out.

I really miss my boyfriend. Can’t wait until I can move to Dallas this winter.


I hate those days where I’m in a blah mood and nothing I think of will cheer me up. I’ve got work today, and a couple of errands to run beforehand, and I need to eat lunch. I wish I could think of something to write to get my mind moving. My brain feels stagnant. I need something to stir it up. Maybe I’ll try writing some articles. I’m hoping to have the pagan portion of PhoenixFyre up and running by either Samhain or Yule, and Samhain’s only a couple of months away. I need to get cracking.

Thanks very much for the book recs, everyone. I’ll have to add them to my list o’ books to buy. At the moment, I’m reading a book called “The Year 1000″ by Robert Lacey and Danny Danziger, about life in Anglo-Saxon England in… well, the year 1000. It’s incredibly fascinating, especially the parts about the language at the time, and how the different cultures mixing in England added words and endings to the language.

Well, I should probably close this out, since I really don’t have anything else to say, and I need to finish getting ready for work, too.

So, I’m in the mood to read something along the lines of Harry Potter or Neil Gaiman’s novels, but seeing as I’ve already read all of the Harry Potter books and the Gaiman novels that I have many times, I want to read something new. Can you, O faithful readers, recommend me some authors that are in that whimsical, vaguely macabre, fantasy genre?

So, I’m blogging. Awesome. And of course, as soon as I get this thing up and running, I can’t think of anything to post. [snort]

The fall semester starts up next Monday. I’m mostly taking classes that will transfer to UTD when I move over there in the spring, but I’m taking an ancient civilizations class because I want to, dammit. Of course, I haven’t gotten my loan check yet, so I’ll be buying books on the first day of class, looks like.

I’ve been fiddling with ideas for a pagan site, and I want to put it in some kind of portal script, but I’m not sure which one to use. Anyone have any suggestions? I’d like something in PHP, and I need something that’s obscenely easy to use, because I are a idiot at that there kinda stuff.

I’ve been drifting away from fannish things and certain fandoms for quite a while now, and I’m making a lot of changes in my life. Unfortunately, those changes extended to my site. I decided to delete several sites on PhoenixFyre that I never pay attention to and that either get very few hits or eat up way too much space and bandwidth. Therefore, Dreams (my lotrips archive), Night Blooms (my rec blog), a couple of crappy old X-Men sites, and Eil’s Wallpapers have either gone bye-bye or are going there very soon. Eil’s Wallpapers will be deleted from the server on 1 September 2004. My apologies if you miss these sites, but it’s a decision that I’m standing by. I hope you can enjoy the other PhoenixFyre subsites in their stead, and keep your eyes peeled for new subsites.